Who We Are

We are Spotmedia. The design studio from the heart of Chennai, India. Spot Media is a team of professionals that breathe ideas at every point of contact. Brands are not created in vacuum, rather an exercise that informs, persuades, and gently nudge a consumer to make a purchase. Branding is the process of making your brand alive and as real for a human connection. Since 2010, result oriented marketing ideas has been our bread, butter and jam. We burn our midnight oil and rake our minds for “wow” ideas.

What We Do


Design is not just good looks, it must trigger a feeling.


Develop is the stage when “design is embedded in a
media tool??? – indoors, outdoors, online, offline, and what have you.


Deploy is the stage of execution – Spot Media offers
one-stop-shop solution.

Why clients love us?

We think out of box where our concepts are preceived a level above than usual stuffs. When a project is signed up, it is an appraisal for our creative thinking and this appraisal leads to a better product.