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The design is simple yet aesthetically pleasing . The colours denote travel and the nature of the business very aptly . The globe and the plane flying over it are just magnified pieces of the trawelmart logo . The design is very lifelike and realistic in all aspects with family being shown as the most important piece of the advertisement.


The two backpacks holding hands symbolizes travelling romantic companions. The pink color shows the woman and the blue shows the male respectively. The ‘O’ in honeymoon is used as a bright red heart , symbolizing the purity of love between the partners as they embark upon their journey together.


The passports and the plane not only denotes travel , but also refers to international travel. The content is large and well placed bringing appropriate attention to it . The image of the simple backpack means a short travel .To change the pace of life or to strike names off of the travel bucket list. The colors again are similar to the logo , creating an image in the customers mind. So the idea of international travel is now affordable.


The design of the advert clearly proves the strength and durability of the woodworks . The cupboard is shown to be growing out of the ground proving the quality and endurance of the wood .Also in the other advertisement , the chair is being left in the rain , but has not lost any of its colour or strength . And looks good as new. The concept that makes the business stand out are very clearly depicted in these through effective designing and content creation .


The abled-bodied man used as the mascot symbolises strength and durability. His many hands holding many different tools proves to the consumer about Anbre’s concept of a one-stop solution to all interior needs of a customer. The mascot also gives the consumer a physical person on whom to trust and hold responsible and urges the consumer to sit back and relax as the work is completed.


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