The overall style of the site is about showing beautiful photos from all over the world, the photos present the local culture from different places, tourist attractions and popular monuments and leisure activities and it’s beauty .The booking information is complete and detailed and very easy to use .The layout of the entire site highlights important information and users can see what they want to know at a glance.

Vivekanandha Hospitals

People visit a hospital website to get information. So the site is designed in a way that it is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely well-organised with a pleasing aesthetics.High-quality positive imagery is used throughout the site to send a positive message. Also through the balanced use of text contents and visuals, it never feels cluttered.


The website is designed is such a way that the entire range of LED light products are displayed with all necessary information under categories within the website in a non cluttered and balanced way . The use of very relevant images gives the user something to relate to and helps in acquiring business .

Great Moghul Briyani

A picture is worth a thousand words.The real images of the food and detailed mouth watering descriptions of the food adds to the value of the website. It also does a great job of making sure you can find their location. The addition of an on-page Google map means even visitors to the city will be able to sample their tasty menu.


The website is designed in such a way that the entire content of the website can be incorporated into a single scrollable page. This way the user can choose the information he is looking for with the shortest amount of time. The artwork across the entire website is an original creative piece that adds beauty to the site. This also captures the attention of the user, thus draws him towards the website and helps the site secure business.

Lalahs Masala

The colours used are very appealing and also is relevant to the Lalahs theme. The products are all arranged well and is organised on a single page where the user can easily know and choose between the many different type of products available .The website also lets the user purchase the necessary and also the positioning of content on the top of the website enables the user to understand in one glance the story of the website and their nature of business .

Khurinji Homes

The website is very detailed and the home page is packed with the most relevant information. The pictures used are life-like and attractive . And all necessary specifications are mentioned clearly. The website provides a top to bottom true story of the company and testimonials also provide reassurances to a new user.

Compass ELC

The pictures are large and high quality images that are the main attractive feature of the website . The content is crisp and concise, without holding back any necessary information .The website is designed in such a way that all potential questions of a parent may be answered as he or she scrolls down the website . The colours used are light and warm , and gives the website a very welcoming and trustworthy appeal.


The website is straight to the point . Telling the user the nature and reasons for the website. The main feature being the works are well highlighted and detailed .Relevant posters have been used to leave a lasting impression in the mind of a user. The contact information is also well placed and arranged perfectly.


The website is a very easy to use and easy to understand format where all the necessary images and relevant Information is displayed , where the user can choose easily and freely without having the need to go into multiple links. The overall aesthetics of the shopping website attracts the user into buying the products on sale.

Anantha Jewellery

Trust is what wins you sales. Simplicity and functionality meet in perfect harmony on the website with large, well taken photographs.The site is clean, attractive and offers the best and attractive user shopping experience. With the product having so much focus on aesthetic beauty and monetary value, the design of the site doesn’t outshine the stock.

Bodhana Montessori

The website allows the parents to take an informed decision as to ‘Why they should choose’ to join their child in their school.The design ensures that the look, layout, and features that work for the school community.It also enhances the brand and helps it stand out .Like every good website design, there is an uncluttered openness to the Bodhana site that, besides looking great, allows it to work well across all mobile devices.


The website offers all the details of the website in the initial part of the website . The text and pictures are positioned very efficiently and effectively .The colours used makes the website both attractive and unique , it draws the attention of the user to more key points of the website. No time is wasted as the user can easily skim through the information provided and can easily get the bigger picture in a matter of seconds. The design ensures the functionality and simplicity of the website .


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