Who We Are

We are a collective of crazy creative creatures obsessed with complicated challenges and conquests . Like spokes on a wheel , supporting each other through a tireless endless circle that starts with inspiration and ends with inspiring the next big idea . A well oiled machine that materializes thoughts into aesthetics and perfection.

Our Team

With over 75 years of experience between ourselves , our team of visualizers , editors , graphic designers , web developers and content creators breathes life into ideas and brings them into being . Going above and beyond since 2011 , we are still going strong , getting stronger with every passing day . Our portfolio of clients is growing at a phenomenal pace as a result of the quality we consistently bring to the table.

Vikram N

Brand Partner

R S Anandakumar

Directer of Photography

M P Nandakumar

Creative Consultant

Balakrishnan B

Creative Director – Worldwide

Sivaji Padmanabhan

Head Marketing

Karmegan K

Art Director

Arun Kumar S

Studio Manager / Senior Visualizer

Prasanth A

Senior Web Developer

Milton Christoper A

Graphic Designer

Sivakumar D

Senior Web Developer

Partial List of Customers